Sunday, February 8, 2015

I've been scrapping.

As most of you know by now I haven't really had any scrapping mojo for a while now but I am hoping that this year by doing things project life style I am just be able to get back into it even just a little bit. Fingers crossed that it works.
 Here is the title page for my 2015 album.
and a close up.
When I started this I really only had the idea for the hand drawn numbers on the die cut piece in my mind and everything else just happened around them.
With Asher starting a new school and us moving into a new house in April I thought that having the sub title a year of change was apt. If there are any other big changes during the I will add them to the list.
As I intend using a mix of 12 by 12 inserts and the divided pages through out my album on the reverse of this I created a pocket page look on a 12 by 12 base.
Blue wren café.
Asher headed of to her second power camp and this year it was in Dwellingup. We drove out there in the morning to meet up with the other campers and had a nice morning tea while waiting.
And some details.
I started out with the grey and pink to tie it in with the top that Asher was wearing and when I noticed the pink and aqua papers in the shop last weekend I grabbed them to add in some extra colour. I love how this one has turned out.
Out the back of the café they had a small cute garden area that had a tea pot tree, which you can see parts of in the photo near the quote box. I have a few teapots here at home and am going to make my own teapot tree in our new house.
As always thanks for popping in, any comments and happy creating.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

December Daily day 25

Finally finished. Now I just need to clean up the mess I have made in creating the last few pages of my December Daily album.

Day 25.

Was a big day that involved a bit of traveling but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have created a main journaling page followed by several more pages of the days events.

Craig had Asher Christmas morning and I had Jane over for breakfast. I felt really lost with out my girl with me and both Jane and I were giggling over the silly things I was doing.

Lunch was in Mandurah with Margaret's family. Where there was lots of laughs when Andrew tested his selfie stick.

After lunch I picked up Asher and she got to open her presents at home. 


Was taken at Mum and Dad's.

I have attached the flap to the outside of the insert for ease of opening.

And some snaps of us at Mum and Dad's. I did have other photos with Mum and Dad but they weren't very clear.

And finally I little envelope for Asher's wish list.

And I just had to pop this little on the back of the envelope.

Here it is all done. Chunky but I have come to the conclusion that is just how I scrap.

All done for another year. Not too sure just what I will do next year.

Hopefully I will get into the swing of scrapping again and have more to share with you this year.

Any way as always thanks for popping in, any comments and happy creating.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

December Daily day 13-24

I had hoped that I would have finished my December daily album seeing as I am back at work tomorrow but I am nearly there.

Day 13.

Was my work Christmas party. We went over to Rottnest for lunch and most of us stayed over night in an old army barrack dormitory. Was great fun and the best end to my working year.

Day 14. 
A few of us wandered down to the beach way too early in the morning.

After breakfast at the dome we wandered down to the Basin where some of us had a paddle in the water before heading back into town to catch the ferry home.

Day 15.

Our first Christmas card for the year.

Day 16.

I forgot to take a photo but seeing as our day revolved around an hours drive grab some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and do some Christmas shopping I scrapped the doughnut bag.

Day 17.

My baby girl's birthday. Can't believe that she is 14.

Day 18.

Asher's last day at school for the year and at Gilmore. This year she will be starting a at new school. South Fremantle highs school where I went as part of the Autistic extension program.

Day 19.

Some of my new owl decorations this year and a pug called Pig. 
The first Christmas after I moved out of the family home got a new tree and I decided that it would be an owl tree with owl decorations in pairs. One for me and one for Asher. The only exemption are two owls that were gifts from Jane who always go to the top of the tree and they are the king and queen of the tree. When Jane gave me the cute pug decoration I couldn't not put him up on the tree so he was given the job as protector of the owls and will always got to the bottom of the tree keeping an eye on the owls.

Day 20.

A day in two parts. 
Part 1.
The morning was spent with Asher's friend from primary school and at high school for the past two years. They are going to miss each other and I brought them matching pokemon toys as a reminder of the bond they share. 

Day 20
Part 2.
We headed out to Margaret's place and when there Asher loves the park across the road and I snapped a photo of us together on the swing.

And how the two pages look in the album. I wanted to create a flap but having it in the insert would make it hard to open so I stuck the top page to the front of the insert.

Day 21. 
Movie night with two very special people in my life. I scrapped on a envelope as I wanted to keep the tickets.

Day 22.
The last of my shopping.

Quote card.
As I knew I wanted my 23 days page to be a 6x6 I ended up with a blank spot so embelished a quote card to fill the space.

Day 23.
Was all about finally getting my photo cards finished and posting the three that needed posting.

Day 24.
Part 1.
We headed out to my mums where they we looking after my sisters dog for a few days and Asher got to have some doggy cuddles.

I'll share with you the final pages of my December Daily when I have created them.

Till then. Thanks for popping in, any comments and happy creating.

Monday, December 29, 2014

December daily day 12

My December daily progress is slow but I am getting there. Here is my day 12 page.

My last day at work for the year.

Make sure y ou pop on over to the Let's December Daily blog to check up on what the other girls have been doing.

We had a great Christmas out here. Hope that you all did too.

As always thanks for popping in, any comments and happy creating.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December Daily update.

An in-between page...
A 'Midsummer Night's Dream' was Asher's end of year drama club production and wanted to include it in my Dec Daily. I have tried to recreate the stage background of sorts on the intro page. We had flower vines hanging down the back of the stage so that it looked like a forest.

I played around with Deb's background idea on one of her previous pages and included the words of my favorite line of Asher's in the show. 

And a small photo of her up on stage.
I have these two pages in my album back to back and have created a pocket for a copy of the program and my tickets.

Day 7 

Day 8

Day 9
Is in two parts. My day and Asher's day. 
Here is my day out of the album and in the album as I did some embellishing on the insert.
Out of the album

In the album

Asher's day


Here is how I altered my insert.

After trimming down an insert sheet to get a small one I was left with two joined inserts. One pocket with no sealed edge and no place for the holes to add into my album.

I cut two strips of paper: the first 2 inches wide and the other 1 inch wide to the length I needed and scored them in half.

I used the 1 inch strip to seal up the cut edge and the other one as my spine piece.

Day 10
A rough day where I was on the verge of tears. I didn't get to take a photo used a photo from facebook that several of my fellow Autism group friends had posted in memory of a little boy taken too early. This page is probably the one and only one that I will stray away from my colour theme.

Day 11
 Lots of paint to create a background for my banner.

Friday, December 19, 2014

December daily up date.

I have been slowly making my way through scrapping my December daily. Here are my latest pages.

Day 2.

An unsuccessful trip to the doctors to get a needle.

Day 3.

Day 4.

And how these pages are in my album after I needed to adjust some inserts.

Day 5.

Day 6.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

December daily day 1

 Day 1 with it's number 1 tag.
 Day one is always about putting up our Xmas trees. Mine in the living room and Asher's in her room
The crochet white doily at the bottom of the tree acts as the perfect Christmas tree skirt. The background is Ranger Dauber paint and a Purple Onion holly spray stamp.

The 'hoot hoot hoot' title is a play on words as my tree has an owl theme. I started my owl tree the first Christmas away from Craig and I always buy my owls in two's. One for me and one for Asher. The only single owls are two that have been given to me by a close friend and they are  the king and queen of the owl tree and always go at the top. My friend gave me and new decoration during the week, one that she couldn't resist getting. A cute dog in a Christmas jumper. I will share a photo of him later on in the month but he is hanging on the tree and is the official owl protector.

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