Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's in your family poppet style.

Is the title of a CJ I have out there somewhere and I would really love to have it home with me again. I thought I had a photo of the cover but I don't even have that:)
I started it up with a group of girls on the Scrap apple forum, which has since closed down. I can't even check out the posting list to see just where it may be. Last heard it only had two more stops before heading home and that was about three months or so ago. So if there is anyone out there who pops in here, was a part of the CJ and has any idea of where it just may be can they let me know.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Stuff to share

Wahoo can you all here me out there I'm on holidays for a week and am so looking forward to sleeping in and spending time with Asher and scrapping of course. lol
We went out to the beach for a while this arvo. Craig took Zumo for a race on the grass and Asher went down and played on the waters edge. Here are a few pics from Asher at play. I didn't get any of Zumo as Craig had put him away when we got back from the water.

I have been having fun scrapping over the last few days and I finally got around to doing a 123 Challenge. I have been meaning to get to one for a while now but just hadn't found the time.

Photos are of my sweet goggle girl at swimming a few weeks ago.


We have had another weekend of happenings with the girls snapping away for a photo challenge and also being inspired by the DT's monthly look what we can do with weekend. Here is one of my photos I took of Asher's new pony and her piano too. Lee anne send us all out a similar product and we all put our own take onto it. This month we all picked a Kaiser album and papers too work with and this is what I did with mine.

And you can see more and what the other girls did in here

I also scrapped a few more things with my Sass lass goodies.

A set of gift tags and a tag for Asher to take into daycare with some changes to her diet we are starting to do I did these with some papers from the wee bundles Lee anne sent us and has been sending out as prizes on the forum.

And this layout with scraps from the Woodland whimsy range. I think I ended up with a piece of all on it. I just kept on adding things left right and center.

I've also done two other layouts but can't share them just yet. You will have to wait till Friday and Sunday for them.lol

Why Friday and Sunday. Well we are cyber cropping this coming weekend. Challenges will go up on Friday so pop in and check out the clues for what you will need. I've scrapped my sample page, sorted out the guessing game and can't wait for all the fun to start. Roll on Friday.

And Sunday is our Super Sunday. When we will announce the new man of the month and share the new monthly challenges.


This weeks song is Celebrate by Kool and the gang and seeing as I needed to make up a 21st card this is what I did along with a little autograph book for people to sign too.

Hope you can play along with us this week. I'll be back with some STM news durring the week.

Well I think that is all from me for now so till next time as always thanks for popping in, any comments, happy scrapping and see you all in Therapy

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cybercropping fun next weekend.

We are cybercropping next weekend and the girls and I have all got our challenges all sorted and ready to go. Want to find out just what you might need? Well head on over and check out the clues.

Here is a run down on just what we have planned for the weekend.


Challenge One at 7.00pm

Challenge Two at 7.30pm

Challenge three at 8.00pm

Challenge four at 8.30pm


Friday night-Guessing game

Saturday night- Bingo at 7.00pm


MAN of the month to be announced at 8.00pm

I had fun last month scrapping up Smauge's suggestion for Man of the month (See pic on the side there) and I am after another to scrap using next months Therapy Man so suggest away in here and I'll pick my fav.

Well that's it from me for now.

Will be back tomorrow night. I'm going to move my regular update night overto Monday so I can share my latest STM pages after they have gone up on the Sunday.

Happy scrapping and hope to see you all cyber cropping next weekend.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Therapy news

Therapy mum Lee anne has been at it again and there are some new yummies in the shop and if you would like some you had better be quick.
Hero Arts stamps have landed.
Anyone that knows me and my work knows that I love Hero Arts stamps and these little birdies are my fav.

Also we have the Sass lass chippies and letters arrive finally too. I've already been and put in an order for some.

And for the news. Well I think I'll let Lee anne fill you in on that.

Sort of anyway. I've copied this from a post on the forum. lol


One of the things I have discovered in my short time with Scraptherapy is that one of the disadvantages of ordered on-line is the time the mailman takes to get your parcel to the door, so we have shaken the mail bag a little and made some changes. Order over $60 and you will get a prize in the post with your order, just as a little thanks for those of you who order more than $60. In the past we have offered free postage on orders over $60, instead we are now offering express post on all orders. All postage will be capped at $6.00. Insurance will be available on all postage at an extra $1.50. Insurance covers replacement of items ordered and if not still available a refund or store credit for what is not available. We know our regulars cant get enough of the new postal arrangements, we hope you try them out soon too.

If the new goodies in shop don't tempt you I am sure the new postage system and pricing will.

The girls and I have been busy getting ready to show case some Therapy goodies this wekend in our regular monthly look what we can do with weekend. I've seen what the girls have done with this months challenge products and they are just stunning. All will be revealed tonight.

Anyway till next time happy, scrapping, happy shopping and see you all in Therapy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

STM layouts

This weeks song over at STM is Forever young by Rod Stewart and this is my take on the challenge. A few fun picks I took of my Missy a few weeks back when we had a photo challenge in Therapy to take pics of a Daisy or a bucket to fit in with the Dasiy Bucket man of the month theme last month.This is a layout that I did up for a tribute album for Alieda's family that the girls over at Studio Calico, an American kit club forum are putting togther and asked if us STM girls wanted to contribute too. It was a bit hard to do but something I felt I needed to do.Thanks for stopping by, any comments you may leave and til next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My purple onion samples are done

Do you want too see.
Sorry I can't do that just yet.
lol The next few weeks are going to go so slow.
But what I can share is this.
My latest Sass lass layout.
My sass lass library card pockets.
My xmas scraplings. Small gift cards inspired by Shari Carroll from Hero Arts.
A sneek peek of a layout I have finished last night for a class I will be teaching at Just scrapbooking next month.

Well there is not much else happening out here so as always thanks for popping in and any comments you may leave and till next time happy scrapping and see you all in Therapy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Bet you can't guess who is going to be working with Shari Carroll on the Hero Arts blog for a day.
Do you think I am excited.
You can bet on it.

American craft yummies

It looks like American Craft are ready to give Bazzill a run for their money and have brought out 75 amazing new cardstock colours.

We have all 75 in stock and as an introductory offer are doing them for just 55c a sheet!!!! Come on over and check them out here.

While you are over there check out our thickers , we now have nearly 100 different thickers in stock - all foam ones are just $4.20 and all the rest are just $6.50 including a restock of those yummy new CHA releases.
Happy shopping girls and leave some for me please.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Scrapping the music tribute

There is no new song this week after the passing of team member Aleida.
Mary has put together a slide show of her stunning pages she has done for the Scrapping the music challenges as part of a tribute we will be doing over the next few weeks.
The news of her passing has really hit us all hard and we feel that this is the best way for us to pay tribute to her memory and her work as a talented scrapper.
Rest in peace my friend. I only wishI had of had the chance to get to know you better.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday share

Not all that much to share tonight as I've not really been in the scrappy frame of mind this weekend after the news on Saturday morning.

Here is a card that I made up last yesterday that will be on it's way tomorrow. Thinking of you Brandon, Josh and Bella.


I posted a sneek peek of my next Therapy class using up some ofthe new Sass lass papers. You can find all the info in the sign up thread.

We are blind scrapping at the moment. Yeap I am doing a not so good job of keeping up with the chat while updating my blog as my scrappy goodies are all packed away till Wednesday. If you haven't tried a Therapy blind scrap before what are you waiting for they are a heap of fun.

I posted a little blog competition today. You can find out all thedetails here in the Lets chat and scrap blog competition thread.

While you are there check out Lee annes surprise challenges she posted for the weekend, both with a two week deadline too.

Well I think that is about all from me for now. I'm of to finish my coffee, have a shower and do some blog surfing.

Till next time thanks for poping in, any comments you leave, happy scrapping andhope to see you in Therapy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The world is a lot less brighter today.

I have gotten some sad news this morning a member of the Scrapping the music team and a new friend Alieda Franklin passed away after a car accident this morning.
Your memory will always live on in the hearts of your family and in the pages of your scrapbooks.
Rest in peace.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

And the other is now out too

I posted a few posts back that I had two secrets. One was being asked to be the sister of the week over on the Sisterhood of scrap blog and for the other well just go and see who has gotten her name up on the call back list here. I am so stalking the postie waiting for my parcel of goodies so I can get to work on the next part of the call.
Congrats to those who have made it with me.
Thanks for stopping by and as always till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun

That is the song this week over at Scrapping the music and here is my page.The photos are of me, Christine and Jane in the roo suit on the themed dinner night retreating last month. We hada ball and won the dress up prize too.
There isn't much scrapping eye candy I can share here just now but this is what I can.
My card sample for the cybercrop challenge last weekend and
my first ATC for the year. I scrapped therapy members Smauge's suggestion for the new man of the month in Therapys man of the month. Yummy Sasslass papers which just happen to be on sale. Yeap even brand new CHA release papers that only arrived early this week. So pop into the shop and pick yourself up some.

I'm heading of to have a shower and crash for the night.

Thanks for stopping by, any comments you may leave and as always till next time happy scrapping and see you all in Therapy.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

1 secret is out

I'm the new sister of the week.
Congrats to Liz too who has somethingto share over there as well.
Hope you pop on in and say hello.
I'll be back tomorrow with an update.
See you all then.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Scrapping the music

Better late than never they say. LOL
I ran out of time last week to do the It's my life challenge so I did mine durring the week.
It is a mini layout for a brag bag I have here that I use to carry my scrappy goodies when scrapping away from home. One more little mini layout to do and I'll share the whole bag.
Wow two posts in one day. That's a first.
I just had a pizza box delivered too. Full of some new scrummies to play with from Therapy. Guess what I'll be doing on the weekend.
LOL so what else in new.

Therapy cyber cropping and a secret too

Weekend Schedule
Friday6.30-8.30pm- Challenges posted
8.30pm- Julies' Guessing Game
Saturday7.00pm- Bingo
8.00pm-Blind scrapping with scrappinallie
Sunday9.00pm- Super Sunday!
Our new MAN of the Month will be revealed, as well as all our September monthly competitions.... and a brand new monthly award!
The challenges for the weekend are:-
Junior challenge- for our young scrappers
Challenge One- Theme Challenge
Challenge Two- Inspiration Challenge
Challenge Three- Sketcdh Challenge
Challenge Four- Card Challenge
Upload Cutoff:-
All challenges must be uploaded by midnight on Monday 8th September
Challenge One-$15.00 Scrap Therapy Gift Voucher
Challenge Two-$15.00 Scrap Therapy Gift Voucher
Challenge Three-$15.00 Scrap Therapy Gift Voucher
Challenge Four-Prize in the Post
Junior Challenge-Prize in the Post
Julie's Guessing Game-RAK in the Post
Relsi's Bingo Game-Prize in the Post
VOTING:-All members have the opportunity to vote for the cybercrop winners. Voting is done in a 3,2,1 manner by email. The voting will open on Tuesday morning, and close Thursday night- with the winners announced on Friday night.
I had some great news too this week.
SC requested or I should say re requested a layout for publication. I got the first email quite a while back asking for it then I heard nothing else about it. It will be on it's way today.
And I'm sorry but you will have to wait till Monday before I can reveal the rest of it.
Lets just say that I'm going to be busy in the next few days to get everything sorted for next week.
As always till next time thanks for stopping by, any comments ,happy scrapping and hop to see you cybercropping in Therapy.