Monday, January 26, 2009

Some sharing.

Well I have been a scrapping again. Well what else is news. Not much actually. lol
Here is a card I did a while back for Purple Onion. Pop over to the blog, there's a link over there ------> and check o ut some of the other projects that have been loaded . There are some awesome pages and cards and I am really enjoying being a part of a very talented group of stampers.
I am having so much fun working with the stamps and can't wait to show you this months projects.
Here is my latest page for my 52 week album.
On Wednesdays durring the school holidays when both Craig and I are working Asher goes to my mum's for the day. Most days it is a pack your bags the night before job and I wake her up to get into the car in her pjs and that week was no exception.
lol Is it just my girl that dosen't wear coordinating pjs.? It has been ages since she wore the whole set of any that she has. Oops tell a lie she is wearing her power puff girl pjs tonight, shorts and singlet but has her brats top in the photo here over the top and you can't see the one underneath.
Here are a few cards I have done for the latest Hero Arts challenge.
A scrapling made up of scraps from something I put together for Therapy.and a valentine card.I am going to pass this one onto a friend. I made up that many cards last year that I have got a box full of them. I am going to make an effort to try and pass them on rather than stash them and yes I have fixed up the spelling mistake. Thanks for pointing that out to me Judi.
Here is a page that I started at that LSS crop when I went last month. lol I didn't finish it till I went on Friday as I didn't have enough of the pearls. I took these photos of Asher on her birthday helping Mum decorate her xmas tre. All I wanted was one nice photo and I mostly got silly faces.

I do have two other pages that I have finished durring the week but seeing as they are for Therpay stuff I can't share just now.
Today I did what I haven't let Asher do before because I needed to get some things done, both here on the ocmputer and scrap wise and I thought that it would be a good time to let her do it. Play on the wii without any time Usually she has the timer on for an hour and has to get of once it has gone of. So she set herself up with her pets to play My little pet shop.
Here are her pets, some of the 22 of them,with front row seats.My plan didn't really work all that well though, every five or ten minutes she was calling out to me all excited about getting a new pet, new toys for them or even better getting a new area for them to play in so I ended up spending a bit of time playing/watching on the wii with her too. Some of the pets are so cute.
Well anyway I think that is about if from me for now.
Till next time as always thanks for popping in and any commets that you may leave and happy scrapping.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Layout,card and some pics too

Well I have been scrapping a bit and thoght I'd share.
I stumbled across an overseas kit club through Missy Jane who has been lucky enough to join their desgin team. They had a great challenge going on and as it invloved something I had been wanting to do more of I joined in. Here is my page.
3 inches.
The challenge was to recycle and I had been wanting to attack one of the many pizza boxes I have lying around here for some reason for ages. I also used up some of the grid sheet from one of my many sheets of MM little letters and attacked the packaging for some Heidi Swap alphas.
Last night is was my friends Christine's daughter Josie's 16th b'day and we headed out there for a BBQ dinner.
Here is a pic of the gorgeous girl.
Her birthday card.
And I so couldn't help taking this pic of my girl doing the chicken dance with
If anyone has seen Elmo do the chicken dance he does this head wobble thingy and Missy was so trying to do it as well. It was such a crack up.
I also got my hands on my Therapy pizza box filled with some yummy goodies for next month and have already started cutting into them for a class in February. I'll have a sneek peek already to go up on here and the forum very soon
Well that is it for now. I have a kitchen bench to clean up and then I am of to bed. I have been making an effort to pack up my scrap stuff after each scrapping session and not do as I used to if I knew I would be scrapping the next day. Pile it on one side of my big bench and cover it with a cloth.
As always thanks for popping in and any comments that you may leave and till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sneek peeks and a 52 weeks page too

I've been doing a little bit of scrapping the past few days but not much I can share.
Here is my week 2 page for my 52 week album.
Yeap I still yet to share my first week pages. I am waiting to hear back form Michelle before doing so.
Asher's new additions.and last weeks photo.
Asher all packed and ready for a day at Nana C's on Wednesday.Yeap pretty much crawled out of bed, put on her slippers,picked up her bag and got in the car.I have also been working on my next class over at Just scrapping.
Here is a sneek peek.
So if you are a local I would love to see you down there on the 8th February if you can make it. And a sneek of something I have put togther for Purple onion.
As you can tell I have been having fun making more lollipop flowers.
One more week of work then I am on holidays for two weeks. I so can't wait. We are surposed to be getting accredited any day now and I am hoping that they came in either Thursday/Friday, my days off or they will turn up while I am on holidays.
We finally went and seen Marley and me last night and I enjoyed it. Cried my eyes out but I knew I would.
While on holidays Asher and I will have one week together before school starts back and we plan on doing lots of special things togther. Lately we have been joining in on a few kids workshops at Bunnings and Asher just loves it. We have already booked in for one next week and will hope to try and get down to the Sunday workshops they have too.
Anyway thanks for popping in and any comments that you may leave and till next time Happy scrapping.

CHA sneek peeks

I have been seeing a few of the CHA sneek peek popping up on some of the manufactures blogs that I pop into sometimes and some are looking mighty yummy. If you haven't got time to chase up the links to the manufactures blogs then pop into Therapy as Lou is doing a great job of finding them for us and some of the sneek we are getting before some of the big US sites.
Thanks heaps for hunting them all out for us Lou and while you are there don't forget to vote or comment on what you like or don't like for that matter as it is from this that Lee anne will be choosing just which of the new ranges to get in the shop.
You can check out all the links in the CHA winter 2009 thread. Grab a coffee as I am sure you will be there for a while. I was.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First and favs for 2008

It was a year of a few first for me last year so I thought I would share them here with you all along with some of my favorite projects too.
Grab a coffee as you made need it. lol
After having my first layout in a Aussie magazine in 2007,2008 was the year of my first project in a US magazine.
Here is the card that was published in the Oct/Nov issue of Paper Trends.
and my favorite card for the year.This one is a wrap around card decorated on the front, inside and the back.
Another first for me this year was being asked to join the team of not one but two challenge blogs. Scrapping the music in the US and Aussie Scrapjack. I was so over the moon about joining the amazing teams on both sites.
These are two of my favorite pages I have done for STM.
Wondeful world.

I did up this page for one of the challenges before I got onto the dt and it is up in their hall of fame as it won that weeks challenge.
Stay beautiful.
This page was one of the first I did as a dter. The journaling is about how I hope that our missy will always stay beautiful on the inside and out.
This next page was one of the hardest for me to scrap. After being a part of the STM team for about 4 months we were all saddened by the sudden loss of one of our talented team members Alieda. This is a page I made up as part of a tribute album that the STM dters were invited to take part in with some of Alidea's other scrapping buddies.
She lived.Seeing as I joined ASJ in December I have only scrapped the one layout as a dter but it happens to be a fav.
Sweet Asher.A jack of a layout by Sarah Gladman.
Another first for me was being lucky enough to make it onto the Purple Onion Designs dt. They are an American based rubber stamp company.
This is my favorite card using one of their noteblock stamps.

and this is my favorite layout using a mix of their vintage style stamps.
Antics.Another first was to start face to face teaching at Just scrapbooking a LSS near where I lived. I have taught three classes so far and even though I was very nervous at first I enjoy it alot. This is my favorite layout taught there today. It just also happens to be a layout that I did up for STM as well.

I have been teaching and setting challenges online over at Scrap therapy as well as this is one of my favorite layouts done for them.
My Dandy girl.
I scrapped this one as part of an inspiration challenge that I was running last year. This year the challenge will be handed over to another dter and I am moving onto a different one. One that I am looking forward to playing around with.
Durring the year I stumbled on the Hero Arts blog and as I am such a lover of their stamps I decided to try and join in on some of their fun weekely challenges. As a result of winning one of the challenges I was lucky enough to work along side Shari Carroll for a day on the blog.
This is my favorite project done as part of my day.
Gardener.A simple page documenting our little gardener and just how far she would go for extra marshmallows on an icecream cone. 1 bucket of rocks removed and tipped into the bin=1 marshmallow. She ended up with
Well I think that is all from me for now. Like a said a big share as 2008 was a year of many first for me. I'd love to see your firsts and favs too if you wouldl ike to share.
Thanks for popping in, any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Friday, January 9, 2009

52 weeks cover and a sneek of my first pages too

I have fun doing up the cover for my 52 week album last night and here it is.I have decided to go with a 6 by 4 inch mini album so hopefully the pages won't take me too long. Says she who spent two hours on her first 6 by 4 double today.
Here is a very sneek peek of it. I will show you the rest when I can as I am going to use it as part of my Purple Onion requirements this month.
Can anyone see my counter over there or is it just me not seeing it? Looks like I may have to re do it.
Till next time happy scrapping.

52 Weeks, a blog award and a few cards

I've seen a lot of people starting to do the 365 photo a day album. I love the idea but so don't think I'd be able to commit to something that big so have decided to go with a 52 week one instead and take photo on one day each week.
I have just finished the cover for it. Will take a photo and share sometime tomorrow.I decided to start this halfway through the first week of Jan forgetting totally to take a photo for it so seeing as the only photo I took was of my One little word "Start" layout I will start with a photo of my layout.
Today we went out to Bunnings to join in on one of thier free kids workshops and Asher had a ball making a mosaic pot and then had to get a plant to go into it. We ended up getting a Cactus,which she has nicked named Tom and has several times now called a capsicum. lol
After that we headed out to do our food shop and before we started we checked out the toys as she had six dollars she wanted to spend. Lucky for us she found some saddle club stuffed horses she wanted and they were on special for two dollars so she was over the moon to be able to get all three. I told Asher how I wanted to take a photo of either, the pot, the cactus or her ponies and she said all three so we did.
Here is the photo shoot set up which she staged herself. Yeap one of the ponies just had to go in the pot as we haven't potted Tom yet as I forgot to get some potting mix to do it with.I was lucky enough to be given another blog award durring the week by one of my fellow Westie scrappers Janine. Thanks heaps Janine.
Here are the rules of the award.
I'm to list 5 addictions
taking photos of my girl (Ditto Janine lol)
and my 5 favorite blogs
I've been given a few blog awards lately and I'm sure if you pop in often that may already know just who most of my favorite scrappers are so I am going to do things just a tad bit different this time by linking 5 of my favorite challenge blogs so here goes.
I just had to add the last two seeing as I am part of the awesome desgin teams. lol It is one of my aims this year to try and join in a few challenge blogs of the many that are out there.
I also had a play around with making up some more of those lollypop flowers that I put the how to link up for a few posts back and here is what I did with them.
A thanks card to add to my overflowing stash of made cards waiting for the right ocassion or person to turn up.And a card for my sister inlaws b'day which is today.

Well I think that is all for now so it is bye from me for now.

As always thanks for popping in and any comments you may leave and till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aussie scrapjack and Scrapping the music page shares

The new challenges are up for both of the challenges blogs I dt for and would love it if you could join in on the fun at both if you have time.
The new song over at Scrapping the music is Hands by Jewel and this is my page.
The photos are of Asher showing three of the lastest additions to her animal collection that Santa left for her last year when she asked for a real pet rabbit,hamster,dog and cat.
The jack for this month over at Aussie scrapjack is Sarah Gladman. You can check out her page on the blog along with mine and the pages done by the other dters too.
This is a photo of Asher that I snapped at her b'day picnic in the park party a week before Christmas.
Well that is it from me for now.
Till next time thanks for stopping by, any comments that you may leave and happy scrapping.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy new year all

We had a quite one here and I am so not looking forward to going back to work on Monday but you get that. Roll on April is all I can say. 3 months long service leave. I so can't wait.
I've scrapped my first page and card for the year and Asher has done her first card too. It is Craig's b'day tomorrow so we went out shopping, after I attacked the cupboard at work. Boy that is one job that I am glad is done it was a shambles and I'd be mighty annoyed if those that use the cupboard can't keep it clean. We brought Craig a new game for the Wil, one for her too, and some clothes. Just have to pop out sometime tomorrow and do a food shop and buy a cake to take out to dinner.
Here is my first page for the year.
I decided to join in on the One little word start challenge.
I took this photo on christmas morning after Craig had set up the Wii,had a play himself and then let Asher have a play too. I so love that look of concentration on her face. No that isn't a spelling boo boo either. lol Asher keeps on calling it a Wil not a wii so I just had to spell it that way.
I'll post our cards a bit later on when I have pics of them.
Well that's about it from me for now.
Don't forget to pop into Therapy and see what fun challenges the summer dt have set for us all in the Cyber crop.
As always thanks for popping in and any comments you leave. Till next time happy scrapping.