Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photos galore and some layouts too

Well I have had a busy but nice week off last week and am all set to get back into the work routine seeing as that big lotto win still hasn't come my way.

We had Missy's end of year dancing concert this weekend and seeing as the lead up week is busy with rehersals and stuff I always try and take that week of and it helps me get those last minute xmas gifts too.

Monday was spent doing some house work and sorting out just what I did and didn't have stashed for xmas pressies so that when I hit the shops Tuesday, Thursady and Friday I knew just what I did and didn't have. I pretty much have b'day and xmas sorted for Missy now.

Wednesday I did my usual. Popped into Just scrapping and scrapped, came home and vegged out with Missy after school, made pizzas for dinner then popped out to a friends place to scrap.

Jordie and lou have asked me to try teaching a few hertiage classes next year and this is a layout that will be my first heritage class. Will pop in and add details of the class time when I have them. Yes that little old me with my picnic plate on my head. lol

Thursday I did some more shopping and it was a great day for us till I got a phone call from the school. One of Missy's class mates who had been sick for a while now with cancer passed away. I was holding up ok myself till I got down to the school and a few of the girls were coming out of the class in tears. Missy was the only girl in the class that wasn't crying when I picked her up. When talking with her about it later on that night I asked her why and this is what she said.

"I'm not sad Mummy as I believe in angels and ghosts and that is what she is now." My little Missy sure is full of surprises that is for sure.

Even though I wasn't really in the mood I still ended up doing what I had planned that afternoon which was to go out back with Missy in her new xmas top and a hat for our xmas card photo shoot and then head out to the shops so Missy could pick out her xmas dec for this year and do some food shopping.

Here is one of my favorites from the shoot.

When we were looking at the xmas decs in the shop I suggested that she get something to remind her of her school friend and she picked out this little purple dove. She has since decided to pop it into the memory box that they are making at school for her so we will get her another one for her xmas box.

On Friday morning Missy reminded me that it was a free dress day at school with a summer theme so I sent her of to her bed room to get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt but no that wasn't good enough. She wanted to dress up as so I had to race around trying to make up a costume, along with all the rest of the usual getting ready for school stuff.

Want to know what it was she wanted to be. Here are a few clues.
She was something that has a white belly with two small white fins.

A grey back with a big fin and a tail.

Yes my little Missy wanted to go as a great white shark swimming in the ocean. I hunted for a grey top for her to wear and then grabbed an old white singlet of mine and tacked it on the front for the white belly. For the fins and tail I handed her some white card and some grunge paper seeing as I didn't have any grey card and she drew them along with a mask and I cut them out. One great white shark made in about 15 minutes.

Friday night and all day Saturday was taken up with three dancing concerts. Missy was in two items.

Robot number one. Musical theater.

Hannah Montana. Jazz.

As the awards for the juniors were given out after the lunch time concert on Saturday when we came home for a rest before the night time one I gave Missy her special gift for doing good dancing through out the year. A pandora style bracelet with a little butterfly on it. Every year after her concert she will get another charm for it. I decided to try and do something special for her this year seeing as she got a little upset that she didn't get an award last year.

Today after doing a few things here at home I headed out to Christine's for a scrap day. I had fun scrapping with frineds and chatting too. I managed to do a layout and a card. The layout is for the latest challenge over at Enchanted for the Carols comp. This time as we were dreaming of a white xmas so the challenge was to do a predominately white layout with a touch of one colour.

When we put up the tree on Tuesday night Missy decided she was going to do some tinsle dancing.

I can't show the card as it is the last one in the set of three that will hopefully be in an issue if Cardmaking Stamping and Papercraft.

After I got home from Christine's it was a few quick snaps with the camera to get picks of the layout and card and then I did some more house work and dh cooked tuna mornay for dinner.

The new jacks have gone up over at Aussie Scrap jack. Here is my layout a jack of Fran's layout.

I've not shared a page in my 52 week album in a while. lol I've got the pics just haven't scrapped them yet. I am planning on doing them on Tuesday night.

Well that is it from me. As always thanks for popping in and happy scrapping.


Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Great layouts Julie - love your photos too (remind me to show you the ones I took of Missy backstage). xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the lo's J1!!!! And the photos and her costumes are ADORABLE!!!! Great job on the shark!!! Sorry about her little friend....*sigh*....but loving what she said about her... :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lisa said...

WOW what a busy girl you are! Heart goes out to Missy and you for the loss of her friend. What a strong little girl you have! Your scrapping is wonderful as always and thought I would pop by and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Jeanet said...

Gorgeous photo's and beautiful layouts!Love them!

Ann said...

Hi Julie. How have you been? Great layouts!

Bec said...

Gorgeous layouts.
Love 'trimming the tree' one.
Missy looks great in her costumes!

Antonella Ryan said...

Great Layouts Julie!!! Very inspiring now that I am back on the scrapping Scene!!!! And Missy A looks a tad cute as little Shark hehe!!

Jocelyn said...

Wonderful Lo's Julie....just wonderful and I adore the photos! You have been soooo busy!!!! Have a great week!!!

Sandra D said...

It's been ages since I've dropped in and your layouts are just gorgeous as usual! Very cute pics, and so sorry to hear of your sad news too.

Tanya said...

Love your layouts, especially the white one. Great photos too - it is such a busy time of year isn't it? Sorry to hear about Asher's little friend.

Diana said...

ADORE the photos and layouts Julie!

mandysea said...

Oooooh Asher looks soooooo adorable in her costumes...I WISH I could have seen her concert!!!
I love the idea of the pandora bracelet!! wow!!
Love you LO too and LIME TART..still getting over that!