Monday, March 21, 2011

Some photos

With swimming for this term for something different Asher has been doing lessons with a friend who used to work with me. She didn't seem to be progressing all that much in the group lessons with 4 or 5 other children so thought I'd try one on one for a while and see if that made any difference. I think it has. We have been driving up to the river for lessons there and Missy just loves it. I try and get there a little earlier so she can have a play before hand and I managed to snap a few photos.

When we got down there not long after she went into the water she found a jelly fish. It soon became bombarded with sand.

Then it was time for a sand angel.

My girl sure has a way of making me smile.

Love you Missy.


Jocelyn said...

What Fabulous pics....she is just getting so big!!!!

Thanks for sharing with us today!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend!!!

Bec said...

Great pics Julie!!!

I've been MIA for a while from your blog and i've just caught up with all your gorgeous pages!!!
All beautiful!!!

Sasya said...

sooo lovely!!!! :)

yumiko said...

She is so cute!!!