Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catch up post

With all that has been happening here I have been a forgetful blogger but with dancing concert, Asher's birthday and Christmas out of the way I may just get back on track. Here is a bit of a photo share of what has been happening.

Asher's birthday sleepover.

Seeing as she was dancing on her actual birthday we had her sleep over party the weekend before. Here are the girls all having fun on the trampoline out back.

And this one I took when we went up to the new playground at Kings park.

They all had a great time and I was exhausted. Asleep at 11.30 and up at 5.30 the next morning.

Dance concert windup.

Showing of her new charm on her I did  great job bracelet. My little Missy gets a little disappointed that she tries her best and at the end of the year doesn't get trophies or medals like the other girls so I started up the charm bracelet for her but seeing as she most probably will not be dancing next year we don't call it her dancing bracelet any more.

Dance concert.

All dressed and ready to go. I even managed to get glitter on her eyes. Amazing what bribery will do. She now has a Monster high doll she had been wanting for a while. The first of many I bet.


Opening up one of  her pressies at 5.00 in the morning. There was no chance she was going to wait any longer. 
We had two dance concerts that day, a lunch time one and a night time one. In between we came home for a rest and took some photos out back of our birthday girl. Here is one of the three of us.

Christmas day.

Well I just realized that the few photos I took are still on the camera but will share them once I get them of it.

Scrapping wise this is what I have to share.

Bah Humbug banner.

The photo isn't all that clear so have added in a close up.

A friend of mine's favorite saying at Christmas is Bah humbug and I have made this up for her with some of my Purple Onion stamps.

It's a yellow Christmas.

Created as part of a showcase over at Scrap Therapy. Photo was taken on the driveway out front all covered in the yellow flowers from next doors tree.

Well if you have stuck around for all of this thanks.


Heather Jacob said...

gorgeous post .. love the pics and the stories ... awesome page too ... love your work .. hugz x

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

You might of been a bad blogger but I've been a bad blog reader the past few months *blush*.
Just had a look through last few posts and gorgeous creations, great photos and as usual I love your style. xx

mandysea said...

great update missy!!
Asher looks so happy with her friends - they must have had a lot of fun

ann said...

Happy New Year to you and your family xx
Love your yellow Christmas page.

Lizzy Hill said...

Sounds like you've been super busy...just came by from ScrapJacked to say 'as usual' I LOOOOVE your LO... so thanks for the inspiration...again:):)