Sunday, August 19, 2012

Has been a good weekend out here

I have managed to get quiet a bit done and not much of it scrappy related at all.

During the week I got my free copy of the Stamping and papercraft magazine which had a set of my cards in them.

I love how the cards were photographed for the magazine. Will try and get a picture of them during the week. These are the cards using some of my favorite Purple Onion stamps.

Yesterday I went and seen my scrappy hairdresser friend Deb and had a new colour put through my hair and I love it. Blonder blonder streaks with some copper too. Really can't see the copper all that well in this pic though.

And today with my mum's help we tackled a part of the overgrown garden bed out front of my unit. Still get along way to go with it but it is looking do much better. I didn't think to take a before shot but you can see a bit of what it was like in the background.

Well that is all from me for now. I am of to do some stuff on the computer before heading to bed it has been a long day and even with a nana nap this afternoon I am exhausted.


Lizzy Hill said...

What a busy weekend but a good one! Congrats on the pub - lovely cards! And gardening. Hard work! Hope the muscles didn't object too much:):):) LOVE your hair!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

Oh well done on your cards getting published, they are sooo cute.. and I am off to get my hair redone on wednesday... sooo looking forward to it.. it is so nice to get the hair done.. yours looks wonderful.. and my garden is over grown too.. sounds like you have had a very productive weekend!! have a great week!!