Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm back

Blogging. I have had so much going on in the past 6 months out here that I have been a bit of a bad blogger. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of Sunday blogging again.

December was a busy month for us out here and what better way to show you than to share my December daily album so grab a coffee as it is going to be a big post.


Well this is how it started out but seeing as it out grew the aqua spine I had to cut part of it off. I am not too sure yet just how I am going to finish it of so for the moment it is bundled together with some twine.


As this Christmas was the first since the separation I knew that it was going to involve a few changes so did up an intro page.

Day 1.

Normally the day that the Christmas tree gets put up but seeing as it was the day of my scrappy group Christmas party along with my work one we had to do that one day 2.

Day 2.

As the new tree was smaller than the old one and not much room for Asher's decorations we agreed that if she could keep her dressing table clean and tidy she could have a tree in her room. It was a pity that she couldn't keep up her end of the deal.

Day 3.

Our new advent calender. Tags on 24 little drawers in the family room.

Day 4.

Is all about Hoot, our Christmas owl one of our new Christmas traditions. Every night, when I remembered, I would leave a little note for Asher and hide him somewhere and then while I was in the shower in the morning she started doing the same. All of his little notes are bundled together in the pocket.

Day 5.

Missy had a nightmare during the night and ended up in my bed. When I came out of the shower the next morning she was snuggled up to my bear Ben.

Day 6.

This years teachers gifts.

Day 7.

To go along with my Owl themed Christmas tree when I seen these mugs at the shops I couldn't help but grab them.

Day 8.

Was the day I did our Christmas card photo shoot out the back. These are my favorite shots. The first white one is a little version of the cards I made this year.

Day 9.

It has become a regular thing that when I go to pick up Asher from Craig's on a Sunday that we stay over for a BBQ dinner. I snapped these pics out the back. I am really thankful that during all that has happened that we have stayed friends and I think that this has made it so much easier for Asher too.

Day 10.

A snap of a few of my garden ornaments out back. One day I will turn the old boots into planters and some of the little teapots were out in my grandads garden.

Day 11.

A few snaps of Hoot on his big day out. Asher wanted him to join us for pizza at Craig's place so I took him into day care as well.

Day 12. 

It was dress up day at work with a theme of 12 seeing as it was 2/12/12. Asher decided to go in her pj's with a sign saying only 12 % awake.

Day 13.

Day 14.

As a child growing up I can always remember my Nan having her cards displayed on a string over her dresser and seeing as I now have it and a smaller tree with no room for cards I decided to hang them like she did.

Day 15.

We went out to the library and in the afternoon headed up to a Christmas sausage sizzle that my parents were helping out at.

Day 16 and 17.

I headed out shopping with some friends and couldn't help but snap this photo on my phone. 

Asher's birthday and a busy day. These two pics are of her with presents from me and Craig.

It was also the day of her year 6 graduation.

And her last day of drama for the year and a short production.

Day 18.

Was the big sleep over day. Talayna and Asher had fun playing skylanders while over at Craig's for pizza night.

Day 19.

I organized a photo shoot with the two girls and Sandy. Both of the girls had fun trying to make each other laugh.

Day 20.

A pair of Asher's favorite shorts. She has had them for about 4 years now. They are getting pretty bare on the bottom but she still insists on wearing them.

Day 21.

Asher got a kindle form her Aunty Margaret for her birthday and she loves to read from it.

Day 22.

After trying to smuggle my bear Ben into her bed a few times we went out and got her own and she called her Bella.

Day 23.

Movie night at Craig's.

Day 24.

Santa photo that Bella had to be in on too.

Day 25.

Breakfast table.

At Dad's.

With family.

At home.

 By the time that we got home after being out all day you couldn't wait to see what Santa and I brought you. Not soon after you were in bed and fast asleep.

The list.

A  few close ups of my pregnant December daily.

Next year I am not going to use flowers on my album pages so that it will have a chance of not being pregnant.


Lizzy Hill said...

I really enjoyed this, Julie - I didn't realise you were separated. Not easy. Like you say, staying in touch with Craig has made it easier, I am POSITIVE, on your DD...didn't happen like that for me, unfortunately...but them's the breaks. SOunds like you had a fabbo Chrissy, as much as you can, anyways, and kept good & busy:):):) BTW...had a BALL using up the win you sent me on FOUR cards!!! It's all gone now.....I'll post all about it soon...& you'll be linked a bit with some 'love' from my blog, as well!!!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

My Goodness Julie what an amazing little book! so thick with wonderful memories of this last Christmas!! looks really lovely!!

Ann Bright said...

Wow lots of design layout there, with each one showcasing your family very well. I really liked all of these designs, I am sure I will get to see more in the coming time. Keep it up