Thursday, August 7, 2014

I've been tagged part 2

When I was tagged by my very talented scrappy friend and fellow Shabby girl Mandy

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to take part in a creative blog tour.

I chose to tag two of my fellow shabby girls and only Ludka got back to me in time for my post to go up as Oribella was away on holidays and only just returned a few days ago. So I am tagging her now.

Oribella is one of my fellow Let's get shabby girls. She has been a member of the Shabby team for some time now. She has a gorgeous style and creates some beautiful cards.

Thank you Oribella for joining me on this creative blog tour.


See my other post here for the answers to my questions as a part of the tour.

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OriBella said...

It is nice to read a about your work (in the previous post), you are a very creative person:)
Thank you for the memory on and an invitation to roam around... and invite on Monday to each other;)