Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Purple Share and a mean mummy moment

Hi again all. Three days in a row well that would have to be a first for a while I think.lol I got the ok to share my Purple Onion samples for this month from Michele so here they are.
A few weeks back on our wedding aniversary we went of to Tranby House, where we got married, and had fish and chips by the river. I took my camera along and managed to snap a few photos of Missy making mud pies.

I have used the Skinny dip alpha and the Doodled frame set stamps (Not a good photo of it but is on the brown to the left of the photo as a background) as well as the postage mark from the Vintage postmark date set to journal on.

I'll also pop this one into a quote challenge that Kelly set over at Pages in time. When I seen the mudlicious and puddle wonerderful quote in her list I knew that I would be playing along.

It was Craig's dad's birthday yesterday so I played around with making a male card. lol I did have a ribbon threaded through the button but took it out. I used the Demask stamp to make the pattern paper.

It is also our Nieces b'day next week so I did her a card as well.

I used the butterfly from the Brocante set along with girl from the Doodled word set.

Don't forget to check out my Purple Onion rak details. It is open till the 31st May.


Now for my mean mummy moment

After day care today Asher was able to get on the computer and play on the My little pet shop site knowing full well that at 5.00 she would have to get of and into the shower/bath. Well at 5.00 she was asked to get off, she complained a bit and then stormed off into her bedroom where she laid on her bed, sulking and refusing to have a shower/bath. I gave her 5 minutes to make up her mind what she wanted and when she was still complaining at the top of her lungs mind you I gave her something to complain about...................Took her into the bathroom, opened the shower door put her in the shower fully clothed, including joggers and turned on the cold tap full bore. She then started to yell and scream louder but was I listening not until she stopped screaming. She stood in the shower looking like a drowned rat and I am sure she won't be fighting with me over having one again in a hurry.

Anyway that is it from me for now. Till next time thanls for stopping by, any comments and happy scrapping/card making.


Lisa T. Howard said...

Oh Julie, I am totally laughing outloud! Please don't tell Asher I'm giggling at her expense, but that hits way too close to home. I've never put mine in the shower fully clothed, but oh how I've wanted to. I will admit I've done equally "mean mummy" things. Thanks for sharing this story. And as always, your projects are divine!

SkyeMJ said...

Haha Julie! I am sitting at my desk and people in my office are wondering why I'm laughing so loudly!
That's hilarious!

Love the mudlicious LO too mate - gorgreous work! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!! i have had those kinda shower moments too!! LOL!!!! I know, I know....not me, right??? LOL! :):):):):) LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the LO ... that title is AWESOME...and LOVING the cards! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

LOL Mean mummy. Wish I had of thought to do that when the girls were little and not wanting showers. Just wait though because now we cant get to the bathroom because Sarah has 1 hr baths most nights.

Peggy said...

Oh my god Julie, still laughing, I can't get the image of Asher fully clothed in the shower, water dripping down from everywhere, out of my mind LOL. My son hates showers too, I might have to try this approach huh? I wonder, did you take a pic???
xxx Peggy

LIly'sMummy said...

Don't feel to bad Julie I can remember my grandfather doing the same thing to my brother when we were kids cause he wouldn't get in the bath.
Love the cards and pages. Gorgeous as always.
PS There is a little pressie waiting for you on my blog!

sharon Ong said...

love those little mushrooms in the mud! And hey, you know what? I did the exact same 'shower treatment' to my son once too! He never complained about taking a bath again!

Antonella Ryan said...

Julie Awesome Work as usual!!!

Diana said...

Love the layout!