Wednesday, August 12, 2009


some of my retreat pages. I have got some cards to share but as I have done them as part of this month Purple samples I will load them up once I get the ok from Michele.
I did this one for the ABC twist challenge I run over at Pages in time. We need to use a technique or product starting with B J O. Asher picked them out of her upwords and seeing as when she handed them to me she said look mum they spell job that was my twist to scrap about a job. I used buttons,Jenni Bowlin and and Oval. We were out gardening a while back and Asher picked up a stick and started to scrape the moss out from between the pavers saying that it was her new job out in the garden. I had a heap of fun on the weekend away playing around with making flowers.
This one is a double to go with a similar one I did for Scrapping the music seeing as the photos were taken at the same time.
Not too sure if I like it though.
I also made up a little tag.

I am planning on putting this on a retreat layout as at one time well all had to wear the Cute balls and there are photos of each of us wearing them.


52 weeks

here are my latest pages. I'm all caught up now. Just to scrap this weeks photo.

Week 30Missy with two of her favorite dolls.

Week 31My swan princess all dressed up for book week at school.

Week 32Tamara, me, Jane, Christine and Sarah all dressed up for the fancy dress night at the retreat.

Week 33

Not scrapped yet but here is my car after someone hit it in a car park. Lucky for us someone seen it and wrote down the car details then waited about till I got back to my car.

Well that is all from me for now. As always till next time thanks for popping in, any comments and happy scrapping.


Lean said...

Wauww the lay-out are so cool and there are a lots of lo´s this lots of work to girl.
bye bye,lean

Cheryl Kosakura said...

Lovely layout as always. I hope that the other driver will pay for your car repairs. I will keep you in my thoughts!!

Jocelyn said...

Love all these are so talented and I love that Asher came up with the word!!! sorry about your car!!!!! Life can keep throwing it at you, can't it!!! :)

Peggy said...

Beautiful work Julie! I love the pics on the first LO.
Oh my, sorry to see your car in that state! You're lucky you had a witness.
xxx Peggy

Jenneke said...

Beautiful layouts, Julie!! LOVE the one you made for ABC!!
So sorry about your car. How nice that someone helped you with the info of the other car!

Hugs, Jenneke

Jane Smith said...

So many things to love Julie...little note to self tag is just beautiful. You have such a way of putting things together. Love 'new job' too..your daughter is so sweet. That retreat looked like a bit of fun!

Kerryn said...

Some fab layouts there Julie!

Ouch about the car! Lucky that someone did the right thing by you. Amazing that people can just drive away.

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Never tired at looking at your layouts - even the ones I see you create (though sometimes the photos don't do them justice).

Love the few pages you did for your 52 week album.

Pity about your car - must be the week for it. xx

sharon Ong said...

Julie, WOW wow wow! You're inspiring me to get out of my lazy scrapping funk and get more done! Hope things work out with the car.

Toni said...

Beautiful work!!! ur designs r awesome & I luv the tag!!!

Tanya said...

Love it all Julie especially the job and albany layouts!! Shame about your car, but what a good person to wait till you got back to give you the details of the car that hit yours.

Nikki Love said...

gorgeous new LOs Jules!!! glad you had a great time on the retreat :)

Diana said...

More stunners Julie. Love them

Deb said...

Looks like you girls had a fun time at the retreat....luv the dress ups. Gorgeous LO's Julie...I luv Missy's new job lol -gotta luv that title.