Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another blog giveaway

Found another one today so pop on over and check it out.

52 weeks and some cards

Got some cards and last weeks page in my 52 week album to share.
Last week I got some yummy scrap raks in the mail from two of the nicest girls I have meet online. Missy Mandy and Missy Julie2 both part of the STM team.Mandy gave sent me some music papers and some Prima note paper too when she heard that I missed out on getting some because I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted it or not and Julie found some cute American milk bottle caps a while back and sent me over one with some ribbon too. A big thanks girls.
I've yet to take this weeks photo. Will be doing that tomorrow as something will be revealed that will be sure to make Missy A's day.

Card Postioning systems

I played aroundwith the latest skecth last night and here is my take on it.I used some My minds eye on this and I ended up flipping it on it's side .



I stumbled across another card challenge blog thanks Jenn from Purple Onion and played along there too.The theme was trees so I pulled out an old favorite Hero Arts stamp and combined it with a new Basic Grey set that I picked up yesterday and some more My minds eye.


The Therapy cybercrop will be happening this weekend too along with the retreat. I will be missing out on all the fun at the retreat so the girls that will be there can you all remind Mandy that I WILL STILL NEED TO HAVE SOME ROOM AT THE TABLE FOR WHEN I COME TO SCRAP WITH YOU ALL IN MY DREAMS. Have heaps of fun girls. You can find the clues for the cyber crop here along with thw list of bingo words too. Some of the girls at the retreat will have their laptops on hand so it is bound to be fun. Craig never did sort out that web cam for me.


Over at Pages in time there is goingto be some national scrapbookingday challenges too if you want to pop on in. I will be as it is bound to be some fun.

Well that's it from me for now.

Till tomorrow when I will be back to share my ASJ page and Asher's secret thatnks for poppin g in, any comments and happy scrapping/card making.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back with the other blog candy link

Here it is. Debbie. Make sure you pop in as it is a big one.

Blog candy anyone

Been checking out some of my favourite blogs this morning and found a give away a thought I'd share Kim. There was another one but forgot to grab the link. Will try and find it later on tonight.
Catch you all later.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I've been a scrapping and some good news too.

I have been lucky enough to get a bit of scrapping done in the past few days and here is some that I can share.
After leaving last weeks challenge to till the last minute I thought I do this weeks one right away. It was a green eyed monster or envy theme this week and we had to use green/black, doodling and a transparency.
I had some fun with my new and old Purple Onion stamps on this one. So love how the letter box turned out. I used the blank scallop to make it.
For the card we had to use the same as the layout and make a good luck card.
I did up this card for skecth 112 but silly me forgot to upload it in time.
I realised that I never got around to posting my last page.This is for an album I am putting together for a friends neice whose mother passed away.
I didn't play along with this week challenge but pop on over and see what the other girls have done they totally rocked the new song.
I've had some good news about my Tweet treats layout I shared a few posts back.
Over at Wicked Princess it was picked out as layout of the week and it won the layout section over at Hero Arts. I am so looking forward to getting some new Hero stamps.
Well that is about all from me for now. I will share some more of my Purple Onion work when I can and my ASJ page too. I had fun jacking May's jack and so did Asher.
Till next time as always thanks for stopping by and any comments you leave and happy scrapping.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wicked Princess challenge

I am playing along with the challenges over at Wicked Princess and the first one was a real challenge for me. I can do pages of me, could make It's all about me work and work with bling too but adding purple to the mix really threw me. I had to go out and buy some purple papers to use and after going to 3 stores today came home with 2 sheets of paper and got to work.
I added some rhinestones to my butterflies and went to add some kindy glitz to the flower and it ran out before I finished adding it so I had to try and move some of it around before it driedAn extra part of the challenge was to make a card with celbrate you on it and I used some scraps from my layout for mine.
As always thanks for popping in and any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrapping and some cards too

Well it is the last day of my holidays here so I have been tidying up, doing some cooking and am now vegging before starting the dinner, bath and dishes run around.
We went of roller skating yesterday. Well Craig and Asher did. I am so not a skater, never was. Asher was fine for about the first 30 mins or so, went round the rink with out letting go of the rail one. But then wouldn't go back on after she had done one lap. Started crying and made herself very upset. I think the whole experience was just too much to take in all at once for her. She was a scared of falling over, add to that the loud music, the disco lights and all the others whizzing past her on the rink she had a megga melt down. I couldn't do anything with her. She didn't want her skates taken of, didn't want a cuddle I couldn't even talk to her so in the end I just let her get over it in her own way and she did in the end. When she had calmed down she managed to skate around a bit in an area of the rink where it wasn't so busy but didn't go out on the rink and when we asked her later if she wants to go again she said yes so I guess that is a good sign.
So here is what I can share that I have done in the past few days.
Another card sketch site I have stumbled across while do ing some blog surfing so I thought I'd play along.
Blank card
I have left the greeting of this one so that I have a blank card when I need one at a moments notice. It will be quicker to add a greeting than to make up a new card.
Pages in time
While doing some blog surfing I also came across a new American kit site and thought I'd join up and play along with some of the chalenges. This layout and card was done for a challeneg to make a card from scraps of a layout and as I had the layout in from of me I thought I try and use the layout as a sketch.
Bush Beauties layout

Mothers day card

If you have some time pop on over and check out Pages in time as it looks as if it is going to be a fun place to hang out.


Hero Arts.

One of the girs over in the flicka group posted a challenge to case or scrap lift a card from a Hero Arts catalouge so when I was packing up for my crop night on Friday I popped in a catalouge and got my friend to pick out a card for me. Silly me though I for got to add a few more of my Hero Arts stamps so only had one set there. Luckily for me my friend had some.


Honey pie class

Is on this Saturday 25th April over in Therapy. Hope to see you there.

Well that is all for now.

Till next time, tomorrow with my STM layout it is thanks for popping in, a ny comments and happy scrapping/cardmaking.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A quick pop in

to tell you all about a yummy rak up for grabs over on Lisa's blog. I'm an avid reader and I always come away lauhing at her stories.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A layout and a card

Just a quick pop in to show you my latest page and card.
Being on holidays this week I've had a bit of time to play around with some challenges , an old fav and a new one.
This one is for Hero Arts latest challenge. To make up your own messages. I've used two of my alpha sets to stamp my title. I' ve scrapped Missy's easter stash photo using up some of the new Prima goodies I've gotten lately. I am so going to get me some more of the paper I used on this one. I agonised for ages over whether to cut it or not.
Card patternsI've got a few b'days this month so am getting a head start on a few cards.
I used Card patterns sketch 10 for this one.
Well I'm of to scrap some more if I can get two girls to stop laughing and giggling long enough to go to sleep. Asher has a friend sleeping over.
Till next time thanks for popping, any comments and happy scrapping.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

scrapping the music, 52 weeks, a card and a blog award.

Theres a bit of a share coming up so grab a drink and make your selves comfortable.
Scrapping the music
The new song is up over and here is my page.One of the few pics I took of myself when I got the remote control for my camera.
52 weeks
After my mix up a few weeks back I think I am back on track.
Week 14
Asher's Polly Pockets having a window sill tea party.
Missy's collection of Pollies has grown, again to fill two under the bed roller boxes and she loves them. Last year when they had the big recall of them she lost half of her stash.
Week 15
Missy with the easter treat bags I made up for her teachers.
I had fun making up the baggies and Asher had just as much fun giving them out.
Week 16
Missy and her egg stash.After seeing Missy Mandy's gorgeous easter photo on her blog I rounded up Asher and her eggs and headed out side. lol The ones I took at 6.30 when she was hunting weren't that great.
I've started to play along with a few card challenge blogs and here is one I have done for CPS sketch 111Ready to post of to my newphew for his b'day.
Blog award
Thanks Missy K for this gorgoeus little bug award.

Here are the rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate 10 blogs.

4. Put links to their blogs.

5. Leave a message for your nominees.

So here are mine. Not ten as I have seen this a bit on my blogsurf tonight and a few of my favs already have been awarded.

Missy Jane

Missy Belinda

Missy Julie2

Well that is it girls. Hope you all have a great week and as always thanks for poppinging, any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy easter everyone

And here are some pics from today.
Egg hunting at 6.00 this morning. I couldn't get her to wait any longer. The Big bunny sent her on a treasure hunt following clues as to where to look for her goodies. He will need to make the clues a bit harder next time as she worked them out pretty quickly.Out up at Mundaring wier. One of the places we went on our day trip with a few friends.
With a Koala at a wildlife park we popped into.
And at home with her Easter egg stash. Not all from us. Missy geats so much chocolate from friends and family that the bunny here only brings a few small hunting eggs and some special little toys. Last year it was a bug catcher and some plastic bugs, this year it was four new little pet shop toys.
I'm not sure why blogger flipped the photo and seeing as it is taking me ages to load up tonight I'm not going to try again.
Here is an Easter project I made up with some of my Purple onion stamps. I loved making this one up and ended up making 4 more to give to Asher's teachers.
There is a template for the Bag in a box project over at Splitcoast stampers. If you have never poped in there before do so as are a lot of great ideas along with instructions for lots of projects.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well I think that is about all for now.
Till next time thanks for popping in,any comments and happy scrapping and card making.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cards cards and more cards

I've been having some fun making up some cards lately and here they are.
I enjoyed trying out some new things for this weeks Hero Arts challenge to stamp on anything but paper or card. Here is what I have done.
It's not showing up all that well but I have stamped on the buttons.On this one I have stamped on a glass microscope slide. I had some trouble getting a good image and this is the best of a few.On this one I have stamped on Acetate, a button and the flower.
Through some of the blog I pop into I've noticed a few talking about a card challenge blog called Card postioning systems or CPS for short and thought I'd play along with this weeks sketch.
Here is my card.Not the best of photos as I had to take this at night time to get it posted into the challenge on time. I will try and get another one later.
Well as always thanks for popping in, any comments and till next time happy scrapping and card making.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ASJ and STM shares

Just a quick post tonight as I am beat and need my bed.
Thought I'd share my latest pages for ASJ.
A jack of a gorgeous page by Janine Koczwara this months Aussie scrap jack.
And STM. Inspired by the song Dream on by Areosmith.

Hope you can play along with me.

Till next time thanks for popping in, any comments and happy scrapping

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lots to share.

So grab a coffee and get comfy. lol
Well over at Therapy we were cybercropping this weekend and I can finally show some creations and spill as to what the new man is.
Cybercrop sketch challenge.Monthly sketch challenge.Man of the month challenge.Class sneek peek.
Sign up in the forum.Easter baggies.All using the new man Cosmo Cricket. Have fun shoping girls and as usual the 20% of includes the new ranges too.
52 Weeks
What was I thinking. LOL Well at this stage all I wil say is that when it is finished I don't think I'll be doing another and I'll def not do the 365 day challenge. The novelty has worn of. I had gotten a bit behind with scrapping my pages (about 2 weeks) so did a big catch up today and when I was checking the calendar I realised I have scrapped photos that were taken in the same week. My flounder and sun set fishing page I shared a few posts back were taken on the Sunday and Wedesday of the same week and the photo I scrapped today for what I thought was the week after is for the Saturday.
So here are two more pages. A 3rd for week 12.None for week 13.
And one for week 14.I took some photos of Asher's Polly pocket tea party on her bedroom window sill yesterday for last weeks photo and now to try and remember to take a new photo for this week.
I'm sure that this won't be the first time I mess it up but oh we ll it is done now.
Hero Arts
I finally found some time to play along with the latest challenge and here is what I have made.Yeap some more Easter baggies.
The challenge was a one layer challenge seeing as it was their blogs one year b'day last week. Now this was a challenge indeed for me as I was very tempted to add more pp, cardstock or a cut out stamped image and found it really had to stop myself. In the end I cut the butterflies wings slightly to give them more of a 3d look. I have made another easter baggie but will share that a little later once it goes up on the Purple onion blog along with a link to the place I got the idea from.
Home news
Missy A had her first school disco for the year on Friday night and with my work days changing I didn't get to take her, that was Craig's job. Her clothes were all set out for her and all he needed to do was feed her, get her to get changed, take some photos and walk her down to the school. Well he fed her, after she had gotten changed and probablly went to the disco with chicken pasta sauce all over her black dress and the photos he took well lets just say I'll never leave him in charge of the camera if I want decent scrapable photos.
One of my Hero Arts group girls Paula who I was lucky enough to meet last year passed this award onto me.
Thanks Missy. I post my awardees in my next post.
Well that's about it from me for now.
Till next time, tomorrow when I get to share my latest STM and ASJ pages thanks for popping in,any comments and happy scrapping.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Purple Onion over stocked sale.

It is Spring cleaning time!!
I have some stamps that need a new home.
These are styles that I have extra inventory on.
This usually happens when there are other stamp designs on the sheet that outsell the rest.
I thought I would get some inventory levels down by offering them all at 50% off!
There are a few styles that are discounted even more.
The quantities are limited.
If something sells out I will remove the item from the sale pages and it will go back to its regular price.
There are some items that might become discontinued as well.
*Please note the sizes listed for the stamps since they are not all sized the same on the website.
Check out the sale pages here.
Have fun shopping.