Thursday, January 13, 2011

It arrived.

My long awaited Expidit shelf that is. Looking bare at the moment but I will sort that out later. It's nice to know that my albums now have a home.

And while I was busy putting most of it together. Had to wait for DH to get home to finish it off. Missy was having fun playing with the boxes.

She pulled some apart, grabbed a marker and went to work making her house. Just love that home sweet home sign.

Once she had finished it she grabbed her favorite toys of the moment, Rupert (brown) and Sebastion (pink) the bears and Jessie.

A few books and games then settled in for the afternoon

and the night too.
lol I got her to fake the sleep photo. Took it about two hours ago and she is still up now. In her house drawing.

Well that is it from me. I have some cards and layouts to post but will leave them for later.

As always thanks for popping in, any comments and happy creating.


Ronnie said...

Love the new shelves. That Missy of yours is a character! Love her new designer home. Cute.

Samantha said...

Oh Got to love the photos of Missy! so sweet! how kids are happiest with a Huge box! Love your sheleves too! one thing we often forget is the massive storage issuse We scrapper :D

yyam said...

She's so creative! Love her awesome "home"! :)

P/s: Those shelves look great!!!!

Melissa said...

So glad you got them at last Julie, will make your scrapping area so much more organised and tidy.I love mine and don't know what I did without it before.Your albums look just right in there.Have a lovely weekend!!

Debra said...

ha ha her lil' home x

Jocelyn said...

Oh enjoy your shelving unit...I have one and I love it!!!

That Missy is adorable....creative just like her Momma...I love that you used the box to build a home for her and her friend!!!!

Great Pics!!!

Have a wonderful day!!