Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas pics and cybercropping too

Hoping you all had a nice christmas. We had a busy but nice one here.
Asher woke at 6 and we did stockings, Hers,mine and then Craigs and next we headed into the lounge where she played Santa by pulling out all the pressies. I just had to take this pic. lol
We then had friends come round for breakfast where there were a few more pressies and parents in laws popped in too. From there it was up to brother in laws for lunch and more pressies and then on my parents for tea and more pressies. Missy got totally spoilt all round and I have been madly trying to sort out/cull some of the old stuff to make room for the new.
Add to that the shuffling around of the lounge/family tv cabinets to accomadate the new big tv dh just had to buy as well and I have been a very busy girl. It is just as well I'm not back at work till Monday then.
We have been having a few quiet days at home just vegging as it has been hot but today we went up to see some friends for lunch and Asher had a blast. We had to pick the hottest day to go out didn't we.
Anyone up for a rak? Well you had better pop on over to Scrapping the music.
The dt have made up some cards, 30 to be exact, that you can win just by commenting this week as there is no new song. And next week there will be the naming of three new dters. I am so excited to be working alongside these three girls.
Who feels like Cybercropping?
I do and seeing as this month at Therapy the dt are on holidays some of our members will be running it and the monthly challenges too. I am so looking forward to playing along.
Anyway as always thanks for popping in and any comments that you leave and till next time happy scrapping.


Kelly Booth said...

Cute Photos Julie...Asher will hate that photos some day! Ha!
sounds like you had a wonderful Holiday....
Heres to a Fabulous 2009!

Tanya said...

Really cute photo of Asher! Glad you had a fantastic day

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

Those photos are ADORABLE!!!!! I am HAPPY U had a GREAT Christmas!!!! I sooooooooooo can't WAIT for the news over at STM....and those CARDS sound DIVINE!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):).

Julie Squared....LOL :):):):):):)