Friday, December 5, 2008

Purple onion blog giveaway

Check out the Purple onion blog for a new stamp give away.
2009 vintage calendar stamp
There are two new calendars. The smaller 2009 is a new style. I have been trying to mix it up each year. Then there is a perpetual calendar set for the individual months.

There are 15 different calendars which will allow you to set up a calendar for any month, any year. I decided to do a set with 31 days and then 30. This will make for easy stamping. You can then just stamp the correct month above and add the year. The only month that needs a little tweaking is February. You will need to wipe away the ink for days 30 & 29 (if not a leap year)Pepertual Calendar set

and if you would like a few ideas on what to do with them then check out the samples up in the shop.

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