Sunday, October 18, 2009

A busy weekend.

It has been out here for all of us.
Friday night Craig was out car racing again and Missy and I had a quiet night in. I started fiddling with my layout for the next round of the Mystical Family ties chalenge but ended up going to bed early.
Saturday we started back at swimming. I was so spewing that I missed out on getting into lessons on a Wednesday after school. We went down a little early and she had a play in the wadding pool area before her lesson. She had lots of fun throwing and chasing one of her loved Maccas toys until we couldn't find it in the pool anywhere. Some other little person must of seen it, liked it, and took it without us seeing it. Oh well Missy knows that if she wants to take things with her anywhere and if anything happens to them it isn't anyone's fault but her own. She was mighty calm about it all. I was expecting a hissy fit but nope. That came when the instructor of the lesson, a teacher she hasn't had before expected her to jump in of the edge of the pool. She don't jump. After swimming we wnet up to the shops for a little shopping, caught up with some friends and had lunch with them there and came home. Me to scrap and Missy settled down to watch a movie until DH came home from being out and then took her out to get fitted for a life jacket. You need one when you plan on going out in the new kayak.
About 5ish we headed of to the beach to christen Craigs new toy and they both had fun. Missy wasn't at first as she realsied that Craig had headed of for a paddle with out her so there she was running through the water saying "wait for me" and here I am yelling at her to stop going out any further than she was as I had visions of her being washed away in her life jacket. lol When Craig came back to get her she was waiting to get into the kayak, a wave came up behind it pushing it up against her shins and feet. One so not happy Missy. All stopped though when Craig managed to get her in and they were off. Later on when we got home I checked out her war wounds and the top of both her feet have scrapes on the and she has two matching brusies on each shin.I had two soaked kayakers by the time we loaded up the car and headed home.
After dinner and a bath I managed to get my scrap mojo flowing and did two layouts, two cards and finshed a few UFO's from Wednesday.
Sunday before we headed up to my work where they were running a family photo shoot fundraising session to have photos taken I got Craig to set up the camera for a quick one at home.
Nic, one of my fellow Lime Tart dters was asking how tall we are compared to our partners. Well I'm a shortie and give Missy a few years and she will be taller than me too.
After the photos we went to Mum and Dad's where Craig helped to set up a laptop, we had some lucnh and then came back home to some washing, house work with a touch of flower making thrown in for good measure.
Here is what I can share just now.


The challenge this week was to create a bright and funky layout using pink, orange, teal and black about parents or soemone you look up to. Here is my page with a photo of me when I was about a year old.


52 Weeks
Here are my recent scrapped pages.
Week 40
Week 41
New car
Week 42
Still to scrap. Had one of Missy's happy snaps of me printed and ready for it but ended up using it for my Ad this page.
Well that is all I can share for now. Will be back a little later on durring the week with my Ad this projects.
As always thanks for popping in, any comments and happy scrapping.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

sooooooooooooooooooo fun!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos (especially that family lol....just playin'....i'm 5'9"...i'd probably tower over u too!! lol!!) and love love love those lo's......gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jocelyn said...

Love this post...the pics are fabulous and I love the one of your family!!!! Great creations!!!! LOVE THEM!!!! :-)

Deb said...

Gorgeous LO's Julie. Luv looking at your pics and the stories behind them.

Arby said...

Great photos Julie!! I see some great LO's coming up with that lot! Love the LO's! Keep them coming!!

Kirst said...

Great post Julie. Love the pics of A at the beach. She's growing up so quickly.
Scrapping's pretty good too...hehe.

Much love.
Kirst xx

mandysea said...

Wow Julie!!
Youre on fire!! gorgeous-smorgeous work here!! Asher is soooo an super model!! My goodness!


Toni said...

Beautiful los, Luv The pic of Miss Missy in the sunset!!!

sam said...

Hello Miss Julie ! How are you ????
I just want to say "I love your last layout" ...Tout me plait !!!
Je t'embrasse bien fort, Sam

Kathleen said...

Love your work Julie - the distressing you do always makes me wanna go and tear something up, lol.

& looks like you had fun with that Kayak, would love to get one!! A bit chilli in the water though isnt it?? Took Clay down for a paddle today, wouldn't get me in there!!