Sunday, January 17, 2010

some scrapping and pics too

Well it has been a busy week and weekend out here.

Here's a little run down.

Working Monday and then of to a friends place to scrap for a few hours where I spent the whole time there living up to my name as the Queen of fiddle. Playing around with photos and papers for three hours and leaving with a layout sort of started.

Tuesday we had a visit from these two cheeky boys, their mum Justine with bubs on the way.

Just love them all to bits and am hoping to try and catch up more often this year. Living nearly an hour and a half way makes it a bit hard, add to that work and a 2.30 school pick doesn't help either.
The boys are real rough and tumble boys and Missy although had fun after about three hours of rough housing, her egging them on at times she had had enough.

Friday was spent out at the shops much to Missy's disgust, food shopping and then home getting ready for a crop at a lss where I spent another three hours on that layout from Monday night.

As it has been hot out here this weekend we haven't really done much at all. Popped out for a little bit on Saturday morning and have then vegged out at home for the rest of it trying to keep cool.

Today I just couldn't help but laugh at my crazy girl. Yeap here she is in her PJ's, we had a pj day today, sitting in the Reenie's basket. lol look at those legs she sure does take after her dad.


Here is some scrapping that I have done lately.

3 steps.

I forgot to share this one with you all last week. Photos are of Missy dressed up as a great white shark for Summer themed dress up day at school. Yes she was a shark as they hang around the beaches here in Summer and that week we had a few sightings and it was all in the news. She new exactly what she wanted to look like and just wearing a grey shirt wasn't good enough as great whites have white bellies. Lucky for her I had a white singlet stashed in the back of my drawer. She drew the fins and mask as well. I was just the put togetherer.


Purple Onion

This is the layout that I was talking about before. Took me nearly 6 hours all up.


Photos were taken on xmas morning where Missy was waiting out front for Santa to come round in the ute. We were all surprised when he called out "Merry xmas Asher" so we think he had some inside information.

I have used the Vinatge journaling label, the straight stitch from the Stitches set and the Harlequins

I have also done up this card for a friend at work.


She got engaged recently and everyone at work put in some money to buy her a pressie. I tried to make a three fold card so that we all had room to write in it but I couldn't for the life of me get it to work so have added a fold out insert in the middle.

I used the Vintage Damask Background stamp along with a sentiment from the Hopscotch sentiment set.


Mystical scrapbooks

Over at Mystical I have been part of a photo swap. I swapped photos with Nat and here is what she has scrapped for me. Thanks I love it.

Christmas photo shoot

and here is what I did for Nat. Minus it's title. I wasn't too sure what to use. I had a few ideas but couldn't decide so took the photo without it and have spoken to Nat and have decided on

Life back then

Also over at Mystical they are cybercropping. I managed to do two challenges.

This one for Christine's blind scrap.

Xmas kitty

and this one for Ellen's sketch.

New toy.

It is one of the last pages for my 52 week album from last year.

Here's that last one.


lol Seeing as I started of the album with a photo of the first layout I scrapped in 09 I thought I'd end it with my last.

I am so glad that I managed to keep up with it last year. I must admit that towards the end the pages were pretty simple and done just to get them out of the way. lol not like 6 hours on one.


Lime tart

Over at Lime Tart the recipe challenges have started back up again. You can check it out on the blog.

Here is what I have done

Happy birthday.

The challenge is to use red white and blue along with a star embelishment. lol I turned my scrappy stash inside out to find a star embellishment and I couldn't find anything so just imagine the button on the bow is not round and has five points on it.

Well I think that is about it from me for now. I am going to get myself and early night I think.

As always thanks for popping in, any comments and happy creating.


Jocelyn said...

Love the pics and has Asher really gotten big!!!! Lovely LO's and cards!!!!

I so enjoy your Blog and creativity!!! Have a great one dear friend!!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Your resulting layout was so worth the time invested!!!!!! Great design:)

Love the kitty one, too.

It's 36 degrees F. here.. actually warmer than usual! But no sun... we wish we had sun:)

mandysea said...

oooh I love xmas kitty the best but I didnt want the parade of creations to end!!! I got to the bottom and thought...oh bugger!! lol!!! oooh missy long-legs!!!

Love your work soooo much

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh these are FAB Miss J1!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Irritantsmurfje said...

I do like the attitude en toy layout! :D :D :D the most...

Keep on going!

aussiescrapper said...

Wow you have been super busy, I love all the layouts, photos of your daughter is gorgeous, I guess I love the cat one also being an obsessed animal lover. But all are gorgeous.

Tara said...

You've been busy! Just gorgeous layouts. Love the creativity of the great white costume... clever.

Tamara said...

Wow, you have been very busy!!

Loved all your layouts (nothing new there :-P )

Next time we scrap at Christine's, I would love to have a look at your 52 week album - how fat did it end up getting?


sharon Ong said...

The 6 hours was totally worth it Julie! I love how that layout turned out! And the shark layout's my favourite! I love how the photos blend perfectly with the papers.

Anne said...

Hi, Julie! I really like the "3 Steps" layout. I like the way you've cut out the figures. Very nice! :-)