Sunday, March 7, 2010

My latest ASJ project

and a layout sneak. Is all I have for you today.



The new jacks are up pop on over and see just who they are.

I jacked a card by Sarah Schwerin.

I used two of my favorite Stampavie stamps. Lucy and Kitty and the #1 Sentiments found in the Lime Tart store.


Mystical Scrapbooks.

Have a monthly photo swap going on. I enjoy playing along as I love the challenge of scrapping others photos. I swapped with Tam last month and here is a sneak of her page.

Will post the whole layout once I know that Tam has seen it.


Well this weekend has flown by as usual.
Friday I did some more sorting out for a market on Saturday and a garage sale at our local in a few weeks. I then headed down to the local to tea die some doilies for a class next weekend. lol things I have to do when I thought being able to get hold of cream coloured doilies wouldn't be a problem.

Saturday I was up early and headed out to the market. I made $60 on more of Asher's old clothes, toys and stuff. One lady brought $30 in clothes. We then headed of to the shops where Missy got to spend some money that she had saved as well as the money from the sale of her dolls at the market. My FIL went through a stage where he would buy me and Asher a porcelain doll ever so often. We had six up on the top of Asher's wardrobe along with a clown for years without any issues until she started waking up with nightmares about a year ago. After about a week or so I finally got out of her what the problem was. She was having bad dreams about the dolls so they went into the sale box. She was wrapped that they were gone and she ended up with $25 to spend. We found a DS game she wanted to get and of we went to the counter to get it. All was going good until the lady couldn't find it in the drawer. I was going to leave our phone number for her to ring us as we had a few things to do at the shops but little miss attitude wasn't happy with that.

"Fine then I just won't get it" at the top of her voice and of she goes in a huff back towards the toy section.

In the end she found some more little pet shop toys to add to her collection along with an activity book.

Saturday night was more sorting for the garage sale and then same with today but throw into that, several loads of washing and some housework too. I now have all my stuff sorted, packed, priced and ready to go.

Well that is it from me for now. I am of to check out a few things on the computer then it will be shower and bed for this little tired scrapper.

As always thanks for popping in, any comments and happy scrapping.


zandra said...

Hi Julie, sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at the market. What kind of pet shops does your daughter collect? I have a HUGE box full of them and I have got to get to my attic before hubby throws it in the dump. lol send me your address here:
Have a great week!
Hugz, Z

Gladie said...

Beautiful card, love it!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

loveeeeeeeeeeeee that card and the sneak....and sounds like U have had a busy weekend! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Bec said...

Oh Julie!! That card is gorgeous!! And I love the colours you've used!

aussiescrapper said...

Hi Julie, although Nate cannot speak yet, I know exactly what you mean by tantrums, he has no idea of patience so I am so glad you found her something else to take her mind off it, in saying that wouldn't it be nice if they kept a bit more stock, it always seems to be just what you want they don't any left of, lol. Glad you had a good time at the markets and yes their will be a garage sale here too soon. Love Mel,,,just love that card, so cool not coloured against that gorgeous background.

sarah said...

this is such a pretty card!!!!! :) thanks for sharing it!


Jocelyn said...

Love the card and the sneaks.....

Wishing you a great week, sweet friend!!!

Sarah aka Byclops said...

LOL Missy A's tantrum had me giggling, she certainly has a strong personality doesnt she!!!

Louise said...

Great card, love the image uncoloured with the red circle, really cool look..

LIly'sMummy said...

Love all of it Julie! Gorgeous work as always!