Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cyber cropping next weekend.

over at Therapy.
There are some great challenges planned, Mum usually has a surprise challenge of some sort up her sleeve and a few games as well. I post up a link to the clue thread and the weekend over view when they get posted on the forum.
Not too much I can share today as most of what I have done durring the week is for upcomng projects.
Here is a page I did for Relsi blind scrap on Wednesday night. Christine and Jane can vouch for me when I say it was really doing my head in lol.It is a page for my girlfriend Amanda of her little girl Teaghan.
If you guys are able to get your hands on an October/November Paper Trends magazine go and check out my first US published project on page 108. I'm not surposed to share it up here for a little while yet.
As for my little guessing gameWell keep the guesses coming girls no one has guessed yet and as there are a few people with close guesses I can't even give it to the closest. Just comment on this post. If by next Sunday and if it still hasn't gone I'll rak it to the first closest guess.
Well as always thanks for popping in and any comments that you leave. Happy scraping and hope to see you all in Therapy, playing along with Scraping the music and hopefully playing with Purple onion stamps.

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