Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some pics and a layout too

I have had a great weekend here. Busy but fun.
It all started out with the Just scrapbooking xmas party on Friday night. As it was Friday the 13th it was a black xmas theme. I managed to find some black tinsel, a black cowboy hat with merry xmas written on it and a grey t shirt with I've been a naughty girl written on the front. When I got there I was complaining about the tinsle being itchy so Missy Lou lou sewed it onto the back of my shirt and gave me a tail. I've not got any pics of myself yet but Missy Sandie has popped a few up on the Just scrapbooking blog and has a few on hers too. Carol and Lou were both snap happy so I am sure to grab one of me from them.
I also finally got around to taking a photo of the latest dt page I finished during the week.On Saturday it was the usual swimming lessons with Missy. She has had a few issues with swimming over the past few years and at nearly nine she is the oldest in her class by at least two years because of it. One of them is her fear of jumping into the water from the edge of the pool. She just won't do it. She did it once about two years ago and never again. The closest she gets to it these days is a squat from the edge. Well we have been thinking of enrolling her in soccer and she wanted to get a soccer ball so dh in all his wisdom promised to buy her one if she jumped in during her lesson, not squating. She grizzled and moaned about jumping in, not wanting to do it but still wanting the ball. Anyway I ended up having to stand at the end of the pool with her and I held up my hand and made her half squat with her hand touching my head and she did it and boy was she excited to get a soccer ball.So excited she even slept with
Today I had to pop out early this morning and line up for dancing concert tickets. I only waited 30 minutes this year not an hour and a half like last. As I had a few hours spare before heading up to Just scrapbooking to teach a class I decided to pop up to another local where Christine, Tamara and Sarah were all cropping for the day. Had a chat with them all for a bit then of I went. lol I so wanted to make the most of my day off so to speak and didn't want to go home and be bombared by Missy and Craig.
Here is the layout I taught today.Some scrummy Graphic 45 papers and some more hand made flowers.
When I got home from the class Craig and Missy were out so I managed to get a little nana nap in before they came home and Craig decided to go out for dinner to Hogs breath as he sold his old car today. The last time we went there Missy wanted to buy one of the little stuffed hog toys and I said that if she had her own money when we went back she could so she raided her money box. Seeing as Craig had some money on him I suggested she ask him never so nicely to put in five dollars. He did on the condition that he owned half a hog. lol On the drive to the restaurant it was decidedthat they would take 24 hour turns with Hoggie as he has been called. At six oclock tomorrow Missy has to hand him over to for Craig's turn. He has special spot in Craig's car up front and at the moment is curled up next to Missy with her soccer ball, Princess her pet shop stuffed toy and a frog she borrowed from Mum's.At six o'clock tomorrow night Missy has to hand him over to for Craig's turn. He has special spot in Craig's car up front and will be going into work with him.
When we got home seeing as her room was a mess we had to do a bit of a clean up and in doing so she found $5 she had stuffed away in a Macca's toy. Yeap Missy is one for putting things away in the strangest places. lol Anyway she brought it out to me and this is what followed.
Missy- "I'm going to give this to Daddy"
Missy-"Because he gave me some money for Hoggie"
Me-"Just because you want to give Daddy back the money he gave you he may not want it. I may want to own half a hog"
Missy-"Oh" Walks into the computer room."Here Daddy this is for you"
Craig-Having over heard what we had been saying said"No thanks I want to own half a hog"lol
At the moment Hoggie is curled up next to Missy with her soccer ball, Princess her pet shop stuffed toy and a frog she borrowed from Mum's. Needs his rest as he is of to school for news tomorrow.
These pics will be my photos for last week and this week of my 52 week album.
I have scrapped my witches and new bag pics but not taken photos of them yet.
And to finish of this long post another layout.
Over at Enchanted they are running a Christmas carol inspired comp.
For challenge two inspired by the song O Christmas tree we had to do a layout that was mainly white and green using 1 tree and a symbol/number or letter in place of a word in our title.
Here is my page.Well I think that is enough for now don't you.
Till next time thanks for popping in, any comments and happy scrapping.


Lean said...

Lovely layouts again,and Missy does it sleep nice with a ball next to you..hihihihi.
bye bye,Lean.

Pia said...

wow what a beautiful layouts, love the design

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous work Julie :). Your DD certainly sounds full of personality!

Krissy Christie said...

Stunning work as always Julie! LOved reading all about the hogs breath piggy too :D So cute!

Krissy xx

Tanya said...

Love all three layouts Julie. What a funny story about Hoggie lol love it!!!

Diana said...

Love "you are my world". Lovely!

Bec said...

Too cute the hog story!!
Well done for jumping in the pool too!! How exciting! Hopefully she will do it again soon!!

Love your layouts as always!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the story about Hoggie and love love love love the lo's Miss J1.....loving the colors in that first one! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Nikki Love said...

beautiful pages Julie!!!! she's getting so big and she's such a gorgeous girl :)

Chloe said...

Wow... that was one long post Julie!!! Very funny story about Hoggie! Love your challenge LO!

Toni said...

Julie, Such great lo& pics!!! Ur designs so much FUN!!!