Friday, January 9, 2009

52 Weeks, a blog award and a few cards

I've seen a lot of people starting to do the 365 photo a day album. I love the idea but so don't think I'd be able to commit to something that big so have decided to go with a 52 week one instead and take photo on one day each week.
I have just finished the cover for it. Will take a photo and share sometime tomorrow.I decided to start this halfway through the first week of Jan forgetting totally to take a photo for it so seeing as the only photo I took was of my One little word "Start" layout I will start with a photo of my layout.
Today we went out to Bunnings to join in on one of thier free kids workshops and Asher had a ball making a mosaic pot and then had to get a plant to go into it. We ended up getting a Cactus,which she has nicked named Tom and has several times now called a capsicum. lol
After that we headed out to do our food shop and before we started we checked out the toys as she had six dollars she wanted to spend. Lucky for us she found some saddle club stuffed horses she wanted and they were on special for two dollars so she was over the moon to be able to get all three. I told Asher how I wanted to take a photo of either, the pot, the cactus or her ponies and she said all three so we did.
Here is the photo shoot set up which she staged herself. Yeap one of the ponies just had to go in the pot as we haven't potted Tom yet as I forgot to get some potting mix to do it with.I was lucky enough to be given another blog award durring the week by one of my fellow Westie scrappers Janine. Thanks heaps Janine.
Here are the rules of the award.
I'm to list 5 addictions
taking photos of my girl (Ditto Janine lol)
and my 5 favorite blogs
I've been given a few blog awards lately and I'm sure if you pop in often that may already know just who most of my favorite scrappers are so I am going to do things just a tad bit different this time by linking 5 of my favorite challenge blogs so here goes.
I just had to add the last two seeing as I am part of the awesome desgin teams. lol It is one of my aims this year to try and join in a few challenge blogs of the many that are out there.
I also had a play around with making up some more of those lollypop flowers that I put the how to link up for a few posts back and here is what I did with them.
A thanks card to add to my overflowing stash of made cards waiting for the right ocassion or person to turn up.And a card for my sister inlaws b'day which is today.

Well I think that is all for now so it is bye from me for now.

As always thanks for popping in and any comments you may leave and till next time happy scrapping.


Anonymous said...

What amazing cards - they are seriously droolworthy!

Peggy said...

Hey Julie, you may have made the right choice doing a 52 project in stead of a 365 ... I committed myself to the 365 Project, and I haven't even started yet!!! I'll get there though I guess LOL. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with.
Great pics of your daughter with her goodies. My girls are the same, they always want pics of their favorite toys ... could be an idea for the 365 Project, although this almost seems impossible now, I guess there might be days when I'm totally clueless what to photograph next in such a project ...
xxx Peggy

mandysea said...

omg THOSE cards and flower are just stunning!
I love Ashers photo shoot - way too cute! I'm hanging out to see your 52 cover!!

Belinda Venables said...

Lovin' those flowers - might have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing! :D


Anonymous said...

Wow, how amazing. I will be back to visit.

Sandra D said...

I love those flowers on your cards and would like to give them a try sometime soon.